2nd Lt. Kelldan Dimitriou

2nd Lt. Engel Pilot (Malach), Billionnaire


Agility: 8
Intellect: 6
Perception: 9
Presence: 3
Strength: 3
Tenacity: 8


SKILLS (Level)

  • Pilot (3) (Engel 4)
  • Marksman (3) (Engel 4)
  • Armed Fighting (3)
  • Support Weapons (2)
  • Dodge (3) (Engel 4)
  • Education (2)
  • Occult (3)
  • History (1)
  • Trivia (2)
  • Savoir-Faire (2) (Military 3)
  • Observation (2)
  • Language (English 4)
  • Literacy (3)
  • Regional Knowledge (2)

Kelldan hails from the quiet, ridiculously wealthy Dimitriou clan. His father, Ciro, the last head of the family, died when Kelldan was 16 and left everything to him. His mother, Irene, and his sister, Vara, have no interest in any administrative role in the mining consortium that is the main source of the Dimitriou family wealth and both chose to move away from the family estate to be closer to Athens and their extended family, though the family remains on good terms and his sister visited frequently when Kelldan was at home.

After two years of running the family business, Kelldan came to the realization that his intervention was hardly necessary to keep the money flowing. His father’s system of administration was extremely effective at providing checks and balances to the various executives to ensure corruption could not take root, and operations ran smoothly with or without his own personal oversight. With this epiphany, Kelldan decided that he would much rather follow his own dreams and leave the business to wiser heads than his own (though he of course continues to check up on things to ensure nobody is trying to cheat him). At the age of 18 he set off to join the fight against the Migo, enrolling in the Engel program with the NEG after a generous donation of several million credits to smooth his entry, though given his physical abilities and marksmanship such was hardly necessary.

More to come!

Credit for portrait goes to user VirginieCarquin of DeviantArt, shamelessly stolen because it fits my idea of Kelldan almost perfectly.

2nd Lt. Kelldan Dimitriou

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