Beginnings Never Change

Session 2
A Brief Briefing

Now stationed about the NEG Victory, the four new pilots immediately started acclimating to their new surroundings. Taking care of their mecha, finding the bar and rec room, bull sessions in the mess. Within a day they had met with their new CO, Colonel Veraad, and learned they’d be doing recon deep into enemy territory in the Asian theater. During the week they spent en route, Dova hit it off with a pleasant young doctor, connecting over their shared engineering knowledge. By the end of the week, they found that Specialist Melissa Saunders would be accompanying them on their first official mission: To retrieve (or, as a last resort, destroy) mecha DCS codes lost when the small village of Dali was wiped out by cultist forces.

Session 1
It's Always a Training Mission

Four second lieutenants, two Engel pilots and two pilots of mecha who’ve met the night before at a bar, face off in simulated combat as part of their graduation ceremonies. Before the team of Kellden and Amity can finish off Dova and Vlad’s brave defense, however, it’s discovered that a Migo scout mech has infiltrated the battlefield. Managing to flush it out by violently detonating the bomb (courtesy of Kellden’s rocket salvo) the dragonfly had planted, the Migo scount was shot down narrowly before it could escape, and subsequently obliterated. That battle the four pilots earned their callsigns: Dova is Juneau, for his stalwart bravery in the face of superior firepower; Kellden is Alpha Strike, for his coordination and devastating barrage of destruction; Vlad is Deadeye for his beautiful shot that took down the Migo scout; and Amity is Slag, on account of the heavy damage she took in the explosion (practically destroying her mech). After their debriefing and formal graduation ceremony, a night of celebration: while Dova took a cold shower, 2nd Lt. Roy Lehran stopped by with some champagne to compliment Kellden’s whiskey. Several glasses later, Kellden and Amity strike out with a young broadsword pilot too drunk to hold down her lunch, before hooking up with each other, and Vlad scores a menage a quatre due to his status as hero of the hour. Meanwhile, Dova took a cold shower. They’ve got an early morning ahead of them: Amity needs to pick out a new mech to be transferred with her, and they all need to report to Colonel Verraad on their new post aboard the NEG Victory, one of the six battlecruisers that are the crown jewel of the NEG military.


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